Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting into the Olympic Spirit

I'm in London and it's hot. Very hot. Underground train muggy. We went across the city today with half empty suitcases and will take a second load tomorrow. This is because almost every Underground station has zillions of steps. Having been in a wheelchair and then incompacitated I feel so sorry for handicapped people in London. Definitely unfriendly. Only 6 stations out of the whole Central Line have elevantors and are wheelchair accessible.

Our home away from home a little strange--an old Victorian in what would have been a dubious part of town until recently. More stairs--kitchen in basement, living room up one flight, bedroom up another flight and there's one more floor above that. I'll be super fit by the time we leave!

We arrived back in Oxford Street in time to catch the torch relay. And saw the London police in action--what a difference from the US! Young bobbies smiling, joking with the crowd. "Step back a bit, please. You'll get all the pictures you want, I promise. And you can start by taking mine!"  No threats, no barked commands and good atmosphere all around. Then the torch went past (I can't tell you who was carrying it but it was on a double decker bus).

So it's my first taste of Olympic spirit and tomorrow I'll be settled in at our borrowed home to enjoy the Games.

Who is going to be watching the opening ceremony?


  1. So great you are there Rhys. Longing to hear your thoughts on the Olympics - don't envy you all those stairs those!

  2. Your home away from home sounds like the house belonging to friends in Bedford. On each floor one set of rooms cuddled up to the stairs, and those stairs went up, and up, and up.

    The up-side, from my perspective of having lived in 4th-floor-walk-ups, was that the kitchen was on the ground floor. My friend never had to lug groceries (or laundry) up and down the stairs. Still, as you comment, we were all very fit!

    Have a grand time.