Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thoughts on Facebook

Facebook seems to have taken over my life this week. I was closing in on the 5000 friends barrier and knew I'd have to move across to a fan page from a friends page. St Martin's kindly offered their IT guy to make it painless. Heaven knows how unpainless it would have been without him. I got messages saying that people couldn't find my new page, that when they clicked on my name their found themselves on my website. When I clicked on my new page I found myself on the section to purchase ads..

Now I think it's working okay, which is good because I'm about to leave for London and want to be able to update folks on my Olympic experience. It's funny that some people love Facebook and others hate it. I really enjoy seeing what my friends are doing and being able to post interesting snippets of my life. I love it that I can have instant interaction with my fans.

But husband, on the other hand, is an example of people who should never be allowed near
Facebook.He joined after he got an invitation from an old school chum. I helped him put up his profile. Then we came to 'find friends'. "I don't want to find any friends," he said petulantly. "Why would I want to find friends?"
"That is, uh, the whole idea," I said.
He remained friendless.
After a few days he came to, highly indignant. "Some man wants to be my friend!"
Me. "Do you know the man?"
He. "Well, yes. We went to school together."
Me. "So why don't you want to friend him?"
He. "I don't want to know what bloody people had for breakfast this morning. I don't want other people to know what I had for breakfast this morning."
Me. "Then perhaps you shouldn't be on Facebook."
He. "But there might be somebody I do want to get in touch with some day."
Me. "Then write them a letter. By carrier pigeon."

What are your feelings on Facebook?


  1. I had to laugh when I read this, because my husband is similar to yours when it comes to facebook. I am actually friends with several of his friends just so they can stay in touch via FB. I often relay messages from his friends to him and vice versa. Don't know why he doesn't just sign up and be selective about who he friends. I don't think any of them have ever posted about what they ate for breakfast--unless it was something very ethnic or unusual that he would actually be interested to hear about.

    Me. "Then write them a letter. By carrier pigeon."

    That last line made me laugh!

  2. I agree with your husband. I get tired of hearing about the mundane things that happen in someone's life when I have enough mundane happenings in my own life. New and interesting stories are the reason I use Facebook. Unless your friend is having breakfast in Barcelona or Venice, who cares! Going to the Olympics, having breakfast at Claridges, seeing Downton Abby, sailing on the Queen Mary, now that is interesting!!!

  3. My husband and I both use FB, but he doesn't "interact" either... plays games, chats sometimes with our kids, and otherwise lives in Mundania. I LOVE FB. I keep in touch with old friends, have made many new ones, and belong to groups that feed my love for books and reading. What's not to like! Have fun in London!

  4. I've noticed a change in FB recently, where many people are no longer using it for mundane status reports, although they may be included. I have noticed a distinct movement to sharing news and interesting or fun commentary.

    The scrolling newsfeed down one side makes it very easy to review what you'd like to look at in more detail. This one feature has made a huge difference in the way I use and enjoy FB. The mundane that I want to know about, I can. I like the photos of my daughter's new kitty, or my son's award ceremony. No one else is, and they can avoid seeing them on my timeline, because they are mostly shared via the newsfeed feature.

    It used to be that you went from friend's page to friend's page -- tedious. Then came the news page, and you had to make an effort to go there and sort through the news -- a real chore. Now you go to your own timeline, and the news of your community of FB friends and special interests flows by discreetly to the edge of your computer screen. You can hide it when you need to be free of the distraction, and you can open it again when you want to be in touch a bit more.

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  6. We have the reverse... my wife is as stubborn as your husband. She loves to hover when I have cool photos or news to share, but it would be death followed by divorce if I were to try to set up a FB page for her. So looking forward to your London reports. I sure hope I can find them. Oh, bye the bye, wife is reviewing Georgie's adventures in Nice (Naughty in Nice) today at her book club. She can't stop giggling. Her club is a rather pretentious group and she is going to let down their hair for them a bit. Safe travels and good luck to Andy at Wimbledon.

  7. Ha! I'm like your husband. But I'm on Facebook anyway. And I'm trying hard to like it better.