Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reporting in from Paris

Interesting first day in London. Went to see the friend's house where we'll be staying close to the Olympic park. We got the one taxi driver in London who doesn't speak English and didn't know where he was going. And a volatile Somali to boot. We had to yell that he'd gone too far in the wrong direction. he screeched across traffic and stopped to program his TomTom. Since every London taxi driver has to pass The Knowledge, a very stiff test, we suspect he was borrowing a mate's cab. We should have taken the number and reported him.

Anyway, house is fine, relaxing and leafy garden behind it, easy walk to transport. Had a lovely Thai dinner with my friend, then collapsed from exhaustion.
Today we've flown to Paris for a few days and it's wonderful:
I can see the Arc de Triomphe from my hotel window (not Russia like a certain person claimed) and it's on a leafy boulevard. Nice room, pleasant girl at reception and the sun is shining. All it needs now is a good dinner and I shall be contente!

I'll take pictures tomorrow, especially when the Tour de France comes past us! I must remember not to fall out of the window as I cheer on Bradley Wiggins--first Brit to win the Tde F!


  1. My husband, a big cyclist, would be so envious if he heard about your watching the final stage from your hotel! He did get to watch a piece the TdeF one year on a business trip, so he shouldn't complain. I'm not even British, but I certainly cheered on Bradley Wiggins. A good year of the Tour. Have fun in Paris. Glad your recovery went smoothly enough to get you on your way successfully.

  2. That "certain person" who claimed to see Russia from her house was Tina Fey on SNL. She was impersonating a candidate.