Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wrapped in a Gallic Shrug

One thing I've always envied about Frenchwomen and that is the way they can manage their scarves. They toss them casually over one sholder, they twist them and tuck them and they look fabulous.
I try the same thing and they slip off as I'm boarding a plane, or look like a hideous knot around my neck.
It has to be in the genes, don't you think? Certain nationalities are born with certain skills, and scarf wearing is definitely a skill of the French--together with that Gallic shrug.
My friend Cara Black--she of the Aimee LeDuc series,with whom I do a lot of events--has learned that shrug so well and even manages a good looking scarf these days.
The problem is that I love scarves. I'd like to toss one over my shoulder and look elegant. But they won't stay put. Perhaps I shoujld go and live in Paris for six months and then I'd learn.
Any tips on scarf wearing for dummies?

Or I could always ask Coco Chanel,with whom I've spent the past year (only in my head, as she is part of the story of Naughty in Nice)
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  1. I've noticed the same thing in Spain as well. My husband and I go to Galicia twice a year, and the women there make any outfit look so cool with their casually arranged scarves. I think it's a European thing. Of course, Galicia has a Celtic past, so maybe the Celtic part of Gallic and Galician is the key to the whole thing. :-)

  2. Rhys, wear a scarf everywhere for a few weeks . . . I always envied that casual look, until I discovered I'd fallen unsuspectingly into it by virtue of loving several wonderful scarves and wearing them constantly until it became quite natural. It's an acquired skill, I think. It helps if you don't particularly care whether the scarf matches your outfit or not . . . .

  3. Frenchwomen are the most fashionables in the world, I envied the style of them , I would like to learn more of their fashion culture !