Monday, August 1, 2011

A Rather Different Royal Wedding

Rhys Bowen, your royal correspondent reporting in on the latest royal wedding. Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips married English rugby player Mike Tindall in a church in Edinburgh, Scotland. And it couldn't have been more different. Where Kate and Will's wedding was dignified pageantry, this was definitely one step down--with the guest list including TV celebrities, sportspeople and pop stars. Of course Zara is only thirteenth in line to the throne and she doesn't even have a title. Plain Miss Phillips. And rugby players are not known for their suave elegance on the whole (I speak wherof I know. Our nephew is a professional rugby player who has played for England. I am waiting to hear whether he attended the wedding, actually)
So it was rather low key, apart from the number of royals, who tend to raise the tone of any wedding.

Zara is a low key kind of girl--outdoorsy, top level horsewoman who hopes to make the Olympic team next year. So it was no surprise that they were snapped leaving their hotel the next morning in scruffy old jeans and sweat shirts. But she looked lovely and traditional for the actual ceremony and I'm sure her mum heaved a sigh of relief.

The Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate, made sure she was dressed in a way that did not steal the show. It was actually a recycled dress she had worn several years ago. And her dress for the reception was the one she wore recently in LA. A thrifty girl is our new duchess, setting a standard for the times.
But will someone please tell me why all hats have to perch precariously to one side of the head these days?
At least Princess Beatrix looked reasonably elegant and... well, normal, after the ridiculous attire for Will and Kate's wedding.
One undertstands that Will and Kate had a really good time and that the reception included Will's impersonation of Bon Jovi.


  1. They perch their hats on the side of their head to shade their eyes, and because they can. Just joking. It's a fashion statement I'd not care to follow. How to they keep those hats on their heads? Is it taped to their foreheads?

  2. I really love this bride's dress. It's gloriously understated. And I, too, would love to know how the English keep those tipped hats on. Fascinating, the British. I love them all.

  3. What a lovely dress. I think the hats are interesting, and very British. If they didn't wear them it just wouldn't be the same. What an interesting job to make hats for a living..... Can't wait for your new book! It looks like your research in Nice was hard work! You must have suffered much. That hotel is fabulous!

  4. It was fantastic! i was there with all the other punters waving my flag, Zara looked radiant and the Queen looked as regal as ever. soo glad i got to be there on the historic day, was fab!