Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I Like About France

Month of French Fun, Day Two....

I've been thinking back fondly to last summer in Nice and I made a list of all the things that I like about France.
1.The food. This is a no brainer. Even the simplest things like baguettes, pate and cheeses taste fabulous in France.
2. The no-rush mentality. Time for a glass of wine, a coffee at an outdoor cafe.
3. The bistros, outdoor cafes, scent of jasmine, maybe a little music. Perfect.
4. Fashionable women. Only Frenchwomen can throw a scarf over a plain dress and look so elegant.
5. Transportation. Trains are clean and run on time. Local buses along the Mediterranean were fantastic and cheap and frequent.
6. So many stunning landscapes. What other country can offer the windswept coast of Brittany, the magic of Paris, the quaint hillside towns of the Dordogne, the highest mountain in Europe and the majesty of the Alps and Pyrenees and the gem of the spectacular Mediterranean coastline with mountains plunging into sea of incredible shades of turquoise and azure.

7. Paris. Enough said.
8. French films. They don't need car chases and explosions to create incredible drama.
9. So many villages that time has forgotten.
10. Fields of sunflowers. Always so cheery as they seem to turn to look at you.

What a treat it was for me to set a whole book in Nice. If you want a taste of the Mediterranean, look for Naughty in Nice on September 6th at a bookstore near you (or you can order online too)

And don't forget to comment for the chance to win a lovely French gift at the end of the month!


  1. I don't know if you were aware, but Chris proposed to me in Paris... on a dinner cruise down the Seine. Great memories!!!

  2. You make it all sound so enticing.

  3. Of all the places I want to visit, France tops my list. The photos are gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Rhys, liked the 'scent of jasmine' it was like I was there. As a fellow francophile I commenced a similar list of reasons why france is great on my blog -