Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Taste of French food

Day 4 of my month of French goodies, leading up to the publication of Naughty in Nice on Sept 6th:

How could I write a blog about France without talking about food? If I wrote what I liked about French food I could probably write a thicker book than Julia Child.
I love its simplicity: when we were in Nice last year I got up early and went to the Boulangerie around the corner every morning to buy a baguette and some croissants for breakfast. After a few days the woman recognized me as a regular customer and would dart into the back of the shop to bring out bread and croissants fresh from the oven.
Then sit on the balcony, warm croissants, apricot jam, unsalted butter...
my idea of heaven.
Tune in tomorrow for a recipe!
And leave a comment about your favorite French food for a chance to win a prize!


  1. Adore Julie Child, as a person, but simple foods such as fresh bread and butter or yogurt with fresh fruit cannot be beat.

  2. Once in Paris for the first time, my husband & I got caught in the heavy rain in the big park across from Effiel Tower, we dashed under the umbrella of the food stand that sells crepes. Oh, the wonderful smell of crepes with Nutella! We savored it together, waiting for downpour to stop. It was a full 20 minutes, us standing together with our backsides completely soaked just out of umbrella range, watching the crepe lady continued making them for passerbyes. Sweet memory never to be forgotten. :)

  3. Croque de Monseiur, Chocolate Croissant, Escargot swimming in warm butter and garlic sauce. Howver, my favorite is warm crusty baguette with a wedge of cheese on top... with a glass of wine!

  4. Favorite French food? Cassoulet. I'm a peasant at heart, and to me this is the ultimate comfort food, to be followed by a good Camembert, all washed down with a nice Cote de Rhone. Now I'm hungry...

  5. ALL French food is my favorite. Except, like you, some foods ain't gonna' happen. I'm not a big fan of organ meat. I figure if I wouldn't touch it without a hazmat suit, why would I eat it? French food is my favorite food, hands down, but my favorites of the favorites are Beef Bourguignon, brussels sprouts poached in cider with onions and apples, pork chops with Calvados,and cherry clafoutis. My favorites so far. I plan to try nearly every recipe in my French cookbooks... leaving out certain ones. Like the one that begins with: force feed a goose...

  6. French food is one of my favorites, they put so much love that it is just addictive.