Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sending Good thoughts!

I'm not posting today and tomorrow because I'm sending good thoughts, positive vibes, prayers to all my friends who live on the East Coast of the US.

Let's hope the news media has exaggerated the possible danger(as they have been known to do), but I'm also worrying about places in New York where I have spoken in the past--South Street Seaport Museum, Police Museum, both on the Eastern shoreline and certain to get water into them.

And Peter Cooper village where I spend many happy visits and still have friends, and Molly's neighborhood in Greenwich Village--I hope that's far enough from the Hudson to be safe. Oh and Ellis Island, for which I will always have a fondness since Murphy's Law.

Stay safe, stay dry everyone.


  1. Just remember, even when the danger is exaggerated, with a hurricane, the danger is NEVER exaggerated. I warn people to remember that in 1969 Hurricane Camille came ashore as a Level 5 monster -- but the most death and destruction was not caused on the coast. The worst of it was a week or so later when the remnants of the storm dropped a whole YARD of rain on Tennessee and Kentucky in a day or two and caused catastrophic flooding.

    Folks should beware not only of the headline grabbing storm up front, but of the aftermath.

  2. Very nice and incisive interview covering a gamut of topics